Sweet Simon (compact disc)

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"The surging enthusiasm that is invariably generated by musicians who have respect for one another helped produce this wonderful recording.  What we have achieved is vibrant and alive."

-Conte Candoli


Conte Candoli - Trumpet  /  Pete Christlieb -- Tenor Sax  /  Frank Strazzeri -- Piano  /  Monty Budwig -- Bass  /  Ralph Penland or Roy McCurdy* -- Drums


Liner Notes by Conte Candoli:

"Sweet Simon" is dedicated to my wife's cat, Simon, who passed away last summer at the age of 23.

I had thought about this recording -- the songs, the personnel -- for several years.  It includes some of the finest musicians I have ever known.  Creating this music gave me many treasurable moments.

I'd like to thank Pete Christlieb, my favorite tenor man, who is responsible for giving the band a freer and more exciting sound.  The result was a wonderfully creative experience.

I especially want to thank Ed Vodicka of Best Recordings, who provided a suitable atmosphere in order to let this recording happen.

And thanks to Dick Forrest, a fine trumpet player and long time friend, who was instrumental in the making of this recording.