The Musicians' Green Book: An Enduring Legacy

is a video docutainment production recently airing on PBS and featuring performances by Darlene Love, Little Anthony, Howard Hewitt and more. It takes a look at the lives and careers of African American artists who, during segregation, traveled what was known as "The Chitlin' Circuit" and at the same time created the foundation of modern American music.


Grand Songbook has collaborated with The Musicians' Enduring Legacy Organization nfp (a 501(c)(3) organization) to create outstanding new video documentaries, live concert events and audio recordings.

Josephine Beavers

Great American Songbook stylist Josephine Beavers is a premier artist in the Grand Songbook lineup.

Ed Vodicka

Producer / Arranger / Pianist Ed Vodicka is regarded as one of the top performers in his field today, and is also the CEO and founder of Grand Songbook Music & Media.