Media Productions

Grand Songbook Media and Productions also develops properties for other organizations and performers. 

Here are some scenarios of clients who have looked to Grand Songbook for assistance:

  • A major International Los Angeles-based humanitarian organization required a complete musical package for its prestigious awards show in Beverly Hills. This included musical theme composition and orchestration as well as play-on/play-off cues and musical direction in addition to the live orchestra


  • A major Classic Rock group with iconic compositions to the front-man's credit (including a #1 film soundtrack song) required complete symphonic orchestrations to coincide with live symphony pops concert performances


  • One of the vocal giants of jazz dating all the way back to the 1940's wished to make a "final comeback." She required all of her former music to be updated, keys changed and re-organized and printed. In addition, she required regular rehearsals and hiring musicians for upcoming tours and engagements


  • A long established New York restaurateur wishes to establish a 5 night per week jazz music presentation at his new Midtown Manhattan venue


  • A municipality celebrating its 150th anniversary requires a complete show to memorialize this historic event, from concept to script to audio/visual media to musical arrangements; to be performed by its citizen and student population.


  • A renowned jazz vocalist with seminal recordings and performances in the 50's and 60's to his credit had spent the last 30 years as a successful Hollywood TV and film actor. He wished to relaunch his music career, and needed old arrangements updated, new arrangements created, and musical direction for touring and recording


  • A long-time Broadway star retired from the daily demands of the Great White Way and needed her vast library of musical arrangements re-orchestrated, organized and printed for an upcoming national tour of Performing Arts Center, as well as a conductor/musical director.