About Us

Grand Songbook Media Inc. and Grand Songbook Productions LLC are sister organizations and are independent producers, creators and marketers of music, entertainment and the fine arts, specializing in jazz, classic popular music and the Great American Songbook. 

We work in both live and recorded media, and have operations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C..  Grand Songbook also has extensive experience in national touring operations.


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Grand Songbook has focused operations and decades of experience in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C., and is led and managed by a unique and powerful team.

Edward W. Vodicka - CEO

Ed's 50+ year career in the music industry has taken him from his beginnings working in the retail music store where he received music lessons at the age of 11 to producing, arranging, performing and conducting major recordings and live concerts and events throughout the country for major entertainers, venues and organizations, and -- everything in-between. 

Bob Vorel - President /Grand Songbook Media Inc.

Bob brings his extensive experience in business management and advertising to the team as president of our parent and Brand Director for Grand Songbook.

Tom Salvatori - President /Grand Songbook Productions LLC

Tom's career as a marketing executive as well as a music entrepreneur are a dynamic complement to the Productions' division management team.

Donna Garcia - Vice-president /Services, Research & Licensing

With a career spanning both on-stage and behind-the-scenes work, Donna's work as a stage and studio vocalist has taken her from touring as a back-up singer for the great Perry Como for over ten years to performing on the Grammy Awards with CeeLo Green; to many T.V. variety and awards shows to film scores including VanHelsing and King Kong. Her behind-the-scenes work as a music contractor, music & orchestral score preparer/copyist and production coordinator uniquely qualify her to coordinate the full range of services required and provided by Grand Songbook.

 William F. Beavers - Vice-president /Logistics & Security

 With his initial career as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. and his second career in law enforcement, Bill brings his disciplined and organized skill-set to Grand Songbook, insuring that both individuals and materials get to where they are going, on-time and securely.

 Vlasta Kucerova - General Manager

Vlasta's tenacity and attention to detail coupled with her fluency in more than 5 languages make her an unstoppable force gluing Songbook together

Key Contractors
Greg Gorski - Cybertoast Inc.

Greg and his organization provide state-of-the-art graphic design and web services, supporting all Grand Songbook initiatives from live events to packaging, POS materials, e-commerce and marketing goods.